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Voice lessons

Unlock your musical potential with private voice lessons in Helena, MT. Are you ready to discover the power of your voice? Our personalized one-on-one sessions are designed to help you unleash your true singing abilities.


Learn the basics

No matter where you start, our beginner-friendly lessons will guide you through the basics.

Pitch Accuracy
Singing in tune and hitting the right notes consistently.
Breath Control
Learning to control breath support for sustained singing.
Basic Vocal Techniques
Developing proper posture, relaxed throat muscles, and clear articulation.
Tone Production
Working on a clear and pleasant tone without strain.
Vocal Range
Exploring and understanding the vocal range.
Diction and Articulation
Practicing clear pronunciation and improving diction.
Basic Dynamics
Learning to control volume and intensity for added expression.
Ear Training
Developing the ability to identify and reproduce pitches and intervals by ear.


Gain confidence

Our tailored private voice lessons for intermediates are designed to expand your range, enhance your control, and infuse emotion into your singing.

Extended Vocal Range
Expanding vocal range with control.
Vocal Agility
Developing the ability to sing runs, riffs, and embellishments with precision.
Expressive Phrasing
Conveying emotions through nuanced phrasing and dynamics.
Vocal Registers
Learning to navigate and blend different vocal registers for a seamless sound.
Advanced Breath Control
Mastering breath control for executing longer phrases and controlling dynamics.
Vocal Resonance
Exploring resonance points to enhance vocal richness and projection.
Advanced Vocal Techniques
Delving into more advanced techniques like vibrato, vocal fry, and falsetto.
Song Interpretation
Developing the ability to interpret and connect with song lyrics on a deeper level.

Unleash your creativity,
boost your confidence.

With flexible scheduling options, fitting music practice into your busy life has never been easier. Don't wait for the perfect moment; create it with private music lessons.