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Guitar lessons

Unlock your musical potential with private guitar lessons in Helena, MT. Our customized guitar lessons cater to everyone – from beginners discovering their chords, to intermediate players seeking refinement, and advanced musicians craving innovation.


Learn the basics

Dive into the magic of guitar with our beginner-friendly lessons! We'll guide you step by step, from holding the strings to playing your first chords.

Basic Chords
Beginners would have a grasp of fundamental open chords like C, G, D, A, E, and F major, as well as minor chords like Am, Em, and Dm.
Strumming and Picking
They can perform basic strumming patterns and simple picking exercises.
Basic Rhythm
Beginners can play along with simple songs, maintaining basic rhythm and timing.
Reading Tablature
They can read and interpret guitar tablature (tabs) for simple songs and melodies.
Basic Scales
An understanding of simple scales like the major and minor pentatonic scales.
Simple Songs
Ability to play beginner-level songs with basic chord progressions.


Gain confidence

Whether you're aiming for complex solos, advanced techniques, or new creative heights, our expert guidance will spark your musical evolution.

Barre Chords
Proficiency in playing barre chords and an expanded chord vocabulary.
Advanced Strumming and Picking
Comfortable with more complex strumming patterns and picking techniques, such as fingerstyle playing.
Rhythm and Timing
Improved ability to stay in rhythm and sync with other instruments or a metronome.
Basic Music Theory
Understanding of scales, keys, and chord progressions. Basic improvisation skills.
More Challenging Songs
Can play more complex songs with varied chord progressions and possibly some solos.
Fretboard Knowledge
Better familiarity with the fretboard, enabling quicker navigation and note location.
Basic Music Notation
Ability to read basic sheet music and translate it to the guitar.

Unleash your creativity,
boost your confidence.

With flexible scheduling options, fitting music practice into your busy life has never been easier. Don't wait for the perfect moment; create it with private music lessons.