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Piano lessons

Unlock your musical potential with private piano lessons in Helena, MT. Our tailored one-on-one piano lessons cater to all levels – from beginners taking their first steps, to intermediate players seeking growth, and advanced musicians aiming for excellence.


Learn the basics

Our beginner-friendly piano lessons provide a solid foundation, guiding you step by step to read music, play melodies, and build essential skills.

Basic Finger Technique
Developing proper finger positioning and hand posture for playing simple melodies.
Reading Sheet Music
Learning to read musical notation and understand basic rhythms and note values.
Hand Independence
Gaining the ability to play different melodies or rhythms with each hand simultaneously.
Basic Music Theory
Introducing fundamental concepts like scales, chords, and key signatures.
Working on coordinating both hands to play together smoothly.
Simple Repertoire
Practicing and performing beginner-level pieces to build confidence.
Basic Dynamics
Learning to control the volume and intensity of playing.
Pedal Technique
Introducing the sustain pedal and its basic usage.


Gain confidence

Whether you're honing your technique, delving into complex compositions, or seeking fresh inspiration, our expert guidance will ignite your musical journey.

Advanced Finger Technique
Developing more refined finger dexterity and control for intricate passages.
Improving the ability to read and play music more fluently at first sight.
Expressive Playing
Learning to infuse emotion and dynamics into playing for more nuanced performances.
Chord Progressions
Exploring more complex chords and their progressions in various keys.
Music Theory Mastery
Understanding more advanced music theory concepts such as modes, advanced scales, and harmony.
Repertoire Expansion
Learning pieces of increasing complexity from a wider range of styles.
Pedal Control
Mastering pedal technique for various types of pieces and musical effects.
Phrasing and Articulation
Understanding how to shape phrases and articulate notes for a more musical interpretation.

Unleash your creativity,
boost your confidence.

With flexible scheduling options, fitting music practice into your busy life has never been easier. Don't wait for the perfect moment; create it with private music lessons.